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Expanded Learning Program


Orangewood ASES Office Hours 9:45am - 6:15pm.

  • Michael Gonzales 661-204-3224

Edison Middle ASES/Expanded Learning Office Hours 9:45am - 6:15pm.  

  • Dana Barboza  661-301-8699
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Edison Saturday Camp Flyer     Aug 26th Camp is Cancelled!


 Expanded Learning Open Enrollment


There are different programs offered in the Edison After School Program.


ASES- Students arrive after school and stay until the close at 6:00pm.  During this time, they can 

participate in Sports, Tutoring, and other activities.  Students must be picked up or walk home.

There is bus service for all after school activities.


Expanded Learning- This program is for students who just wish to participate in a specific program such as 

Sports, Clubs, or Tutoring.  Students can be picked up, walk home, or ride the bus.

DATE FOR APPLICATION:  2024-2025 School Year Enrollment Starts April 15th 2024 @ 7:30am

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